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PPC’s API 682 Seals

PPC has a long history of API seal manufacturing, beginning with our company’s founding in 1958. As the industry has progressed, PPC has kept pace with the latest in sealing technology for Refining, Pipelines, Upstream (E&P), Shipping and Offshore. The seal configurations covered by API 682 are classified into three categories (1, 2 and 3); three types (A, B and C), and three arrangements (1, 2 and 3). PPC can produce seals to meet all of the multiple combinations as set forth in API 682.

PPC manufactures all of its API 682 seals at its main factory in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. PPC welds its own metal bellows seals at this factory, manufacturing both single ply bellows and double ply bellows.

PPC also produces the latest technologies and methods:

  • Contacting Wet (CW) seals: seal design where the mating faces are not designed to intentionally create aerodynamic or hydrodynamic forces to sustain a specific separation gap.
  • Non-Contacting (NC) seals (wet or dry): seal design where the mating faces are designed to intentionally create aerodynamic or hydrodynamic forces to sustain a specific separation gap.
  • Containment seals (CS): which are either contacting or non-contacting seals mounted into the seal chamber.

Non-contacting gas lift off seals and contacting gas seals are manufactured in house.

Features and Benefits of PPC’s API 682 Seals: 682A, 682B, and 682C models

  • PPC’s 682 Seal line is manufactured to API 682 specifications.
  • PPC'S 682A is a Type A seal: pusher seal with multiple springs and a flexible element that normally rotates.
  • PPC'S 682B is a Type B seal: metal bellows seal with the flexible element rotating, secondary seals are o-rings.
  • PPC'S 682C is a Type C seal: metal bellows seal with a normally stationary flexible element, secondary seals are flexible graphite.
  • All seal types developed from our 52 years of experience in Refining, Pipelines, and Offshore industries. All API 682 Seals are easy-to-install cartridge designs with registered fits.
  • All API 682 seals are balanced.
  • All seals are designed per application.
  • Throttle bushings available, including segmented spring loaded carbon bushings
  • Multi-port injection available for optimized distribution of flushing liquids.
  • Available with a pumping ring when utilizing an API Flush Plan 23, 52, 53.
  • Other options include: Contacting and Non-Contacting Containment Seals.






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