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Cartridge Seals - Single and Dual Seal Arrangements
Pre-assembled and pre-tested, complete unit for quick, easy, and error free installation.
Single Cartridge Seals

Dual Cartridge Seals
Split Seals - Single and Double Designs
Radially split seals allow for easy installation of mechanical seals on double ended pumps and larger pieces of equipment which are generally labor intensive when installing non-split seals.
Split Seals
Welded Metal Bellows Seals-Single and Dual Seal Arrangements
Welded Bellows seals eliminate dynamic secondary sealing elements, are capable of high temperatures, +600°F and down to cryogenic services.  Rotating and stationary designs are available.  Also available in cartridge or non-cartridge designs.
Welded Metal Bellows Seals
Component Seals - Single and Dual Seal Arrangements
Component seals are available in a wide range of sizes, designs, and materials.  They are available as single seals, dual or multiple seal arrangements.  Since they are not mounted on a sleeve, they fit in small stuffing box diameters.
Component Seals
Cryogenic Seals - Single Seal Arrangements
Cryogenic seals are available in a four sizes.  They fit most cryogenic pumps.  Made to handle O2, Ar, N, CO2 and other Industrial Liquefied gases.
Cryogenic Seals



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