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Engineering and Design

Our Engineers create seal designs to meet specific requirements. Special CAD Programs enable us to generate the data and drawings needed to build sample prototypes for testing and evaluation.
Utilizing Statistical failure analysis,new innovations and approaches to seal design technology are developed. Designs of both new and modified products undergo extensive testing prior to production and marketing. The emphasis is on improving seal performance, reliability, and value.

AutoCAD Mechanical 2006 / Inventor Series 10
AutoCAD Resources

Our Engineering staff utilizes state-of-the-art Computer Aided Design software to develop new innovations in our seal designs. We can create both 2-d and 3-d drawings. We network to all departments including computer integrated manufacturing.









Finite Element Analysis
Finite Element Analysis

The FEA Software tool accurately predicts seal performance. These programs allow us to measure heat transfer, deflection, and stress analysis of a complete seal assembly.

Production Planning for Success

Highly important to the ON-TIME DELIVERY of orders is the production planning and scheduling aspect of PPC Mechanical Seals. Commitments to customers are sacred, and we schedule our work to insure promises are kept.

Profilometer in Action
Analytical Tools and Capabilities

PPC guarantees seal performance with specialized equipment such as our Profilometer, which measures surface finishes. We employ other programs to determine flow rates through orifices and bushings.




PPC Mechanical Seals